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A1 Piano Removals entered the market with novel techniques, out-of-the-box moving solutions, and a complete set of services. Since then, our hardworking employees and managers have been doing all that’s in and out of their power to provide clients with the best possible services.

We understand how precious pianos are for their owners and appreciate the trust clients put in A1 Piano Removals when they hire our services. We’ve gained an incomparable experience in the field, not only with Pianos; our horizons were way broader, all that could be lifted and moved has become our business. However, we never combined the two concepts because we know the relationship between pianists and their instruments. We take that seriously; thus, we kept piano removals separate from other moving services.


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How A1 Piano Removals started

After spotting a void in the Gloucestershire market for a specialized, high-end piano moving service, John (a.k.a. Jiro to his friends and neighbours) bought the company back in the year 2000.

With the help of his son, Liam. John quickly became the best piano mover in the area. When John died in 2015, his son, Liam, took over the company and carried on the legacy of his father’s enthusiasm. His envisioned removal company became a reality, and his family now runs it. Each of A1’s three vans is equipped and insured to transport any piano.

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Areas That A1 Cover

When it comes to piano moving, there’s no company more trusted than A1 piano removals. Our team have the experience and expertise to get your piano from one location to another quickly and safely. We understand that pianos are valuable and sensitive instruments, and we take great care to ensure that they are properly protected during the move. A1 Pianos also offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling, so you can be sure that your piano move will go smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our piano moving service.

Our Services

Our services are not limited to piano moving. What do you want to move? A chair, a table, a bed, or a whole bedroom? Whatever the item you wish to move is, no matter how tiny or huge. A1 Removals are only a call away, and our various sized vans will be fuelled and staffed with professional drivers to drop your item safely and quickly wherever you want in the UK.

Professional Grand Piano Movers

Grand pianos are one of the heaviest and most delicate pieces of furniture in a home. They require special care and handling in order to be moved without being damaged. A1 Piano removals have a professional grand piano moving team. We have the training and experience necessary to safely move grand pianos, no matter the difficulty. Specialist equipment protects the piano from being scratched or damaged during the move. In addition, our grand piano movers are insured, so if any damage does occur, it will be covered by our insurance policy. As a result, hiring a professional grand piano mover is the best way to ensure that your grand piano is moved safely and without damage.

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Our Services

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Piano Moving Price List

Price List For Piano Removals | A1 Piano Removals Before deciding on a final price for your piano move, many factors are considered. Our piano

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