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Piano Disposal And Recycling In Cheltenham

Do you need to safely dispose of a piano? 

Unfortunately there will come a time where a piano will not hold its tune any longer and will become useless unless you have young children starting out to learn to play the piano.

As we all know, a piano cannot just but put in the bin or taken down the local recycling tip in your car. Our guys are able to remove the piano from your home and bring back to our workshops where they will be stripped down.

We do not recommend you try to dismantle or move a piano without adequate knowledge or professionalism.

With approximately 18 tons of pressure being exerted by the stretched steel piano strings. In a concert grand, it is close to 30 tons of pressure. The average string having about 160 pounds of tension. There are 230 strings inside a typical piano and if one of these was to snap, the results could be fatal.

Our piano recycling team will collect your piano and once the piano reaches the workshop, it will be taken apart for any parts that can be salvaged and moved onto piano disposal, where it will be disposed of safely and professionally.

Pianos that are for recycling or disposal, no longer have a value and are normally piano's older than 100 years. Most pianos falling into this category would be straight strung and over damper pianos with wooden frames instead of iron frames used in good quality pianos.

If you do require a piano disposal service in cheltenham or surrounding areas, then please do get in touch and do not attempt to dispose of yourself.

Disposing of a piano or grand piano can be a worrying process as you cant just put them in the boot of your car or ask a rubbish collection to get rid. Look no further as we now offer a low cost service of disposing your piano easily and safely.

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